Yoga & Meditation

Jo Fellows is an Advanced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500 Yoga Alliance International), meditation teacher (BSoM) and Reiki master/teacher.

Release, resolve and re-centre.

Jo Fellows offers a deeper, more mindful practice – one that can truly transform your body, mind, and life!

Go above and beyond mere exercise routines. With Jo’s unique approach to yoga, each student can begin his or her own transformation process. Together we will use a variety of methods such as release work, assists, resistance stretching, along with meditation and breathing techniques to enable students to release tension and tightness. Expect a personalised approach as we work together to strengthen weak areas of your body to take undue stress off your shoulders, neck, and back and create ease in the muscles. This releases emotional blockages and changes existing patterns, which cause tightness and pain, and replaces them with new patterns that create inner strength and a tension-free body. Then, we practice a fluid yoga routine, which eradicates stress in the body, protects and strengthens the joints and creates ease and balance.

She also offers a more heart centered Yoga and Meditation practice is a great antidote to stress and will help you find peace of mind and well-being. Integrating body, heart and mind, the class includes meditation and asanas to create a mindful practice that can truly transform your being. We will learn about the place of mindfulness within yoga and experience the joys of meditation. Bringing your awareness into the present moment, of noticing and accepting what is happening right now without judgment or reaction you’ll go above and beyond mere exercise routines.

Jo works with her students individually and in small groups to keep your joints safe and your practice continually moving you to a more centered place.

Through disciplines including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, alongside practices to encourage healthy prana, or life force, we will work to purify the body and expand the consciousness. Mindfulness meditation offers skills in meeting the challenges of everyday thoughts, actions and feelings. Based on Buddhist methodologies and doctrines, it invites us to meet life’s experiences with less reactivity and judgment and greater insight, compassion and awareness. Working with these three systems can offer practical and inspiring resources to help us navigate the complex job of being human.

Not all bodies are the same, and therefore neither should be all yoga practices. I work with my students individually and in small groups to keep your joints safe and your practice continually moving you to a more pain-free, strong, centered place. All classes end in a guided meditation and will deeply relieve stress.