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YOGA - studio classes and private classes

I run Hatha, Vinyassa, Yin and Yoga Nidra classes and Sound Baths at locations in the Cotswolds, retreats in the Cotswolds and abroad, and also work with clients seeking private yoga classes at their choice of location.

All classes and retreats are suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. During the pandemic, all classes are online only, but as soon as the studios open, they'll be both online and in studio too (current opening date is 27 May 2021).

I run classes and workshops at the lovely intimate boutique studio, 6Ways Yoga, in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. My regular classes run here on Tuesday mornings at 10am (a gentle Hatha class), on Thursday at 7.30pm (Yin with Yoga Nidra) and on Friday at 10am (a stronger Hatha class). Click here for details.

I run private classes and workshops through Prana Sanctuary. For more details, or to book please contact me directly. I also run various online classes too through Prana Sanctuary, for the current class schedule click here.

Twice-termly yoga for balance workshops, sound baths and other yoga classes run at the Isbourne Holistic Centre Cheltenham click here for more info.

Our Prana Sanctuary YouTube channel, gives a sample of my yoga and sound bath offerings, see here.

Workshops and special events also run at Yahra, near Broadway, see here, at OrangeYoga studio on Rodney Road, Cheltenham, see here, and at Bamford Haybarn Spa, see here.


My retreats are a great way to re-connect with yourself in beautiful natural surroundings. I run retreats both in the UK and abroad. All are suitable for those new to yoga, and experienced yogis alike. The retreat experience is designed to heal you, inspire, awaken your inner self, give you a new purpose, rejuvenate and awaken the love within you, however flexible you are!

My next Yoga & Wellness Retreat in the Cotswolds is from 8-11 June 2021 at beautiful Notgrove Estate click here for details.

My next Yoga Retreat abroad is in Turkey in July 2021 at the wonderful Huzur Vadisi click here for details.

I also run retreats through my retreat companies, Prana Adventures (which I co-run with the amazing Cristina Chandika Ma) click here and Prana Sanctuary - contact me direct for details.

Private classes are a great way to fit what you want to get from yoga into your life at a time and place to suit you. All classes are individually-tailored to suit your needs. These are available by arrangement - contact me directly for details.


I teach Reiki privately to suit you, and regularly at the Isbourne Holistic Centre.

Courses for Reiki 1 (Shoden) and Reiki 2 (Okuden) run regularly at the Isbourne, for more details click here.

I offer Reiki 3 (Shinpiden) Master/Teacher courses privately by arrangement. Please contact me directly for details.

Reiki is a simple, gentle, yet highly-effective practice that can enhance well-being and can be easily learned by anyone. If you are interested in learning how, I offer courses in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method) and like to teach in small groups or individually. Whatever suits you best.

Recognised as a complimentary therapy, the practice is traditionally centred on building awareness of one’s Ki (energy) and working with different methods to ensure health and vitality on all levels.

I am one of just two graduate teachers in the UK for the International House of Reiki (see more here) and am a board member of the UK Reiki Federation (see more here).

I teach what has been practised in Japan since the early 1900s – before the system of Reiki moved to the west. These earlier teachings consider the system not just to be a hands-on-healing practice but one that also focuses on a student’s spiritual path that supports healing and personal development.

This particular method includes physical and energy enhancing exercises to help practitioners delve deeper into their Reiki practice. It is a simple, gentle, yet highly-effective practice that can enhance well-being and can be easily learned by anyone.

I teach all three levels of Reiki, from my home in the Cotswolds, from a location of your choice and from the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (see more here).

Reiki Level I is for beginners, and for those who wish to practice on friends and family. Reiki Level II is for those with the Reiki 1 qualification who wish to practice professionally. Reiki Level III courses are for those who hold the Reiki 2 qualification and who wish to take the practice further.

My students also enjoy access to my Jo Fellows students’ monthly Reiki share which is held in Cheltenham, which gives you the opportunity to practice and meet like-minded people.

Everyone’s journey is unique. Reiki is an energetic practice and can only be experienced energetically. This means that there is no hurry to move onto the next level until you are ready. Progression must be at your own pace. Reiki is a lifetime practice and a journey into self-discovery.

Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) course
This course is for beginners.
At this level you learn the skills, knowledge and ability to give Reiki to yourself, family, friends and pets (but not professionally). During the course you will receive energy (Ki) attunements and be taught techniques to enable you to sense and cultivate Ki. You will be taught the five precepts of traditional Japanese Reiki, which will help your development. You will also learn some of the history of Reiki. You will finish the course with a solid foundation on which to build your personal practice.

The cost of £175 includes Reiki training and initiations, the course manual and on-going support to suit you. A deposit is required four weeks before the start of the course to secure your place.

Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) course
This course is for those who have completed Reiki 1. This level is known as the practitioner level meaning that you are equipped and qualified to apply the Reiki energy and techniques professionally, if you so choose.

Okuden is Japanese for 'inner teachings'. As the word implies, at this level a deeper understanding and connection to the founder’s teachings is achieved, and you will develop a deeper connection to Reiki. You will learn three symbols and mantras, enabling you to learn and experience the Japanese energetic system of earth and heavenly energy. An important part of Level 2 is to move beyond standard hand positions when you treat people, to embrace intuitive working. You’ll learn how to allow the energy to guide you in terms of where you rest your hands – it’s a lovely way to work. You’ll also learn how to send Reiki long-distance in a variety of ways, so you can experiment and find the approach that works best for you.

Certification requires evidence of 15 hands on treatments completed within six months, along with evidence of practicing daily routines, documented by a Reiki journal.

The cost of £175 includes Reiki training and initiations, the course manual and on-going support to suit you. A deposit is required four weeks before the start of the course to secure your place.

Reiki Level 3 (Shinpiden) course (Master/Teacher level)
Shinpiden is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’. It is for Level 2 practitioners or established Reiki teachers who wish to continue their personal journey. This level is truly about a lifetime personal development practice. It teaches you how to become a Reiki teacher, enabling you to perform attunements and Reiju. You will also learn a much deeper and philosophical understanding of Reiki and how you relate to the rest of the universe.

It will help to deepen your self-healing by focusing on energies that bring powerful physical and emotional balancing and bring a deep sense of connection.

An important part of the Master Teacher level is to full open to your intuitive powers and to explore the power of intent. The cost of £750 includes Reiki training and initiations, the course manual and on-going support to suit you. A £100 deposit is required four weeks before the start of the course to secure your place.

Reiki Intensives
Reiki Intensives are special days that Jo Fellows has created to support individuals in learning more about the system of Reiki and associated practices.

Reiki Retreats
Reiki Retreats are held in the Cotswolds. Some Retreats are specifically for my students while others are open to all practitioners.

For more information about courses, please contact or call me on 0788 431 4972.

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